We are thrilled to announce a strategic alliance between Raving and the University of Phoenix. How does this relationship benefit Raving clients and conference attendees?

Attendees of Raving NEXT Conferences can earn college elective credits through the University of Phoenix. That’s right, whether you are a current University of Phoenix student or planning to enroll, this conference has been approved for college credits. It’s as simple as emailing us to get the ball rolling. If you attended our conference last month, or in a previous year, get college credit for the time you spent with us! Are you attending another Raving conference? Contact us today to see if it qualifies for college credit.

Select Raving Training Programs are also eligible for college credits. Have you had onsite training with Raving before? Our Guest Service 360, Player Development 360 and more programs are now eligible for earning college elective credits. Check-in with us to get started!

In this short Q&A, Christine Faria (CF), TG&H Executive Editor sat down to chat with Patrick Horning, (PH), the National Strategic Alliance Executive for University of Phoenix (UOPX). Read full article on TGandH.com

When you work with Raving on a custom Leadership and Tribal Member Development Program, you now have access to Patrick Horning, Senior Manager, National Tribal Relations, University of Phoenix! As an addition to our highly-skilled team, Patrick provides Raving a resource in two different ways. First, he helps Tribal organizations address future staffing needs and up-skill requirements within their own employee base. He’ll be available at our conferences, contributing articles and be a resource to all Raving clients. Second, he and his team provide one-on-one service to all affiliated Tribal members, employees, and their family members who are considering a career in Indian Gaming, a departmental change, or have a desire to enhance in their current field through career relevant education.

“We’ve enjoyed working with this dedicated team whose goal is helping Tribes achieve sustainability through higher education, economic development and developing future leaders,” said Deana Scott, Raving CEO. “Our work with University of Phoenix is in alignment with Raving’s mission to educate and provide tools to the industry as they become better operators, leaders and community members.”

“Many folks out there, who are currently working in the Tribal gaming industry or are Tribal members, want to achieve higher education goals but achieving this might seem impossible due to work/life challenges, location or other factors,” Horning said. “Pursuing a degree can be overwhelming for financial and other reasons. Our team works with students to not only explore opportunities for prior work/life experience and trainings that may be evaluated for potential college credit, but also to help them through the enrollment and funding processes, as well as navigating challenges they might experience throughout their program.”

In today’s competitive job market, how is your organization building bench strength and providing a strategic learning pathway for future leaders? As someone working in the Tribal gaming industry, is attaining higher education or training part of your career plan?

To find out more about Raving’s training programs or how to receive college credit for programs and conferences, please contact Gency Warren, Marketing Manager, gency@betravingknows.com or 775-329-7864.