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Recognizing organizations that give back

Six years ago, Raving began an industry movement, to recognize those Tribal organizations that give back to their communities. We ask you to share those special events, those acts of generosity, those good works outside of your job description that have improved lives in your community. Because the more we hear about people helping people, the energy spreads. It's not bragging … it’s educating the world about the positive impact of Tribal gaming.

We Share Your Stories on Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine

How it works:

1. Submit Press Releases

Submit your press releases with one to two high-resolution photos directly to our editor at Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine ( Make sure to include hyperlinks to videos! Please send in your press releases starting December 15 through March 15, 2022.

2. Your stories will be posted online!

Your stories will be posted online at and featured in special newsletters that you can repost on social media. Select submissions will be featured in our Spring (NIGA) issue chosen by our board members.

We know that just through doing your jobs as team members of a Tribal casino, you have a direct impact providing resources and care for Tribal elders, education and career opportunities for future generations, and income and benefits for your community. We celebrate all that you do every day, as well as those special efforts above and beyond your job description that you do for the betterment of your guests, your communities and your team members.

Questions, please call 775-329-7864 or email


Tribal Scholarship and Mentorship Program

It is critical that Tribal members are engaged in discussions about the future of this competitive and complex industry. As a Native-owned business, we want to ensure there are opportunities for future leaders to have a seat at the table.

Raving is offering the opportunity for up to five eligible tribal members to participate at no cost Indian country’s longest-running conference, Raving NEXT. Download our Information Sheet. To apply for a scholarship, which covers your full access pass, please complete the application form by December 15, 2021. Apply Today!

Need an expert marketing strategy for your new Tribal business?

Are you diversifying your Tribally or Native-owned organization with new business outside of gaming (i.e., dispensary, wine/brewery, solar power, etc.)? Not sure where to start from a marketing perspective?

We are looking for one company to be our case study at Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Analytics and Marketing Conference, February 7-10, 2022. Our 125+ conference attendees – which include senior executives and marketing expert teams from Tribal organizations across the country and First Nations – will be challenged to come up with a marketing strategy based on your product pitch that you'll deliver in person. Apply Today!


Get Some One-On-One Time with Our Expert Presenters

If you’re trying to solve a very specific problem and you know we have an expert presenter “in the house,” book your private appointment today. Half-hour and full-hour consultations can be booked ahead of time. Please contact Amy Hergenrother at or call her at 775-329-7864 for more information.