Get More Answers: Learn the Raving Way

Our industry is scrambling to put together virtual events so casino executives can interact and learn. Which one do you choose?

You can count on Raving for a virtual learning and conference experience that is different from all other digital events.

Really, how’s that, you ask? Our approach to our events have NEVER followed traditional models: we know folks have different learning styles and come looking for solutions just not “one to many” presentations and general discussions.

We take your learning personally.

We’ve used our nearly 25 years of producing niche industry events and on-property training across the globe to give you a virtual learning experience to help you meet the challenges in 2021. Our learning platform isn’t one and done or one week only, but this conference launches ongoing support and education for you and your team.



What We've Learned: We Must Focus on Our Core Product, Slots

Do you really know what your players prefer and are you giving them what they really want


Why You Need to Utilize a Player Optimization Analysis

Using a gap analysis to determine what players do and their potential


Fewer Guests Doesn’t Mean Less Revenue

How to keep the right customers in the building with strategic segmentation


Rethinking Your Approach to Inactive Players Due to the Unusual Trip Climate

Marketing and data strategies to interact with your best players


What We've Learned About Promotions in a Restricted Environment: How to Plan for 2021

Promotions that will drive revenue and will be a safe bet

Leadership & HR

What Did We Learn About Our Leadership During COVID?

How we can improve our communications, processes and commitment to the organization


Are You Leaving Money on the Table and Spending Too Much on Programs that Have Been Grandfathered In?

Reevaluating set and forget it programs like anniversaries, senior days, ladies nights and other programs that are not driving business and costing you money


Did My Promotion Provide Any Incremental Lift?

Find out the most common mistakes of marketers when evaluating their promotions


Ten Uses of Social Media that Knocked It Oughta the Park in 2020

Examples of how casinos made a difference and how these strategies should be used moving forward


The Changing Face of Casino Advertising in 2021

What's new, what's worth considering, what is not worth the investment and how you can spend your dollars the most wisely

Player Development

Turning Your Loyalty Club and PD Department into the Ultimate Sales Machine

"Yes" techniques that will help all of your team members into a high-functioning business development unit

Player Development & HR

It's 2021: Do You Have All Necessary Protection Policies for Your PD Department?

A critical checklist to protect your casino from theft and liability


Why Every Casino Should be Utilizing Short Pulse Surveys

Rethinking your research strategies to get current data from team members and guests


Opening or Expanding Your Hotel During COVID

Reconsidering technology, protocols, training, contracts moving forward

Technology & Analytics

Do You Need a Data Warehouse?

Your analytics roadmap to sustain long-term relationships

Leadership & HR

Upskilling and Reskilling Your Valued Talent

Turning you Employee Education Benefit Expense into an Investment

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