Getting Started

We're excited to have you join us at Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Strategic Operations & Leadership Conference!

Reference this page for instructions to update your digital booth profile, export a lead list, setup digital offers, and other useful tips to get the most out of the mobile app at Raving NEXT.

Hands-on Support from Raving – We got you!

You can contact Gency Warren or Chase Scott with questions on how to setup. Your digital booth is optional but we highly encourage participation on the mobile app!




About Our Event Platform Whova

Virtual and in-person attendees will all have access to our virtual conference platform called Whova. It is an app/website where attendees (in-person and virtual) can go to explore the conference, interact with each other, access sessions (virtual audience), and visit vendor booths digitally as well as participate in the passport contest. This secure and private platform won't be available for attendees until late-January (giving you time to get prepared).

The virtual platform replaces our printed show guide Your updated company profile is critical.

Whova has both a mobile app as well as access through your desktop computer. There are some things that are done just through the app. Like for vendors, exporting your lead list. For attendees, it certainly makes it easier for them to interact "on the go" at the live show.

Between now and when we open up the Raving NEXT virtual platform, you will find the agenda and updates at our conference website www.ravingnext.com.

Get our official conference app

For Blackberry or Windows Phone, Click here

For feature details, visit Whova

Schedule of Events for Preparing Your Digital Booth

Complete your booth profile (see steps below).

Event Publish Date review your booth and get comfortable with the platform before attendees have access.

Attendees Can Access you want your booth ready by this date - but can still make adjustments as needed

We Go Live! In-person and virtual attendees will check-in to the platform this day and get ready for sessions and networking for the following three days.

Live Sessions throughout the day. Both virtual and in-person attendees will use the event app to complete their passport contest.

Prize Giveaways if you had a giveaway, raffle or coupon you were giving away at your virtual booth, notify winner(s) by this date and confirm directly with them about shipping or delivery method.

Event Platform Closes. Attendees, exhibitors and speakers will no longer have access to the event platform.

Whova Exhibitor Guide Video

How to Optimize Your Digital Booth

1. Watch the Exhibitor Guide Video

See video above or watch here. This six-minute video is a great introduction to the platform for exhibitors. Watch now!

2. Access Your Booth Profile Form

You will need your company's personal URL so you can update your virtual booth before we publish the event. Email gency@ravingconsulting.com if you need it resent.

Once you have the link, click it. You will see your company's name at the top and several sections that you can use to enhance your profile. Here are our tips to approach:

3. Add a Promotional Offer (optional)

It is highly recommended that you add a promotional offer because you will get a list of all attendees that claimed your offer, and it helps build your exhibitor lead list. Bingo bango!

You can choose from:

  • Raffle

    We recommend one big prize for a raffle (1 Apple Watch, 90-days of free marketing services ,XX promotional gift items for your next big drawing!)

  • Giveaways

    We recommend a set number of smaller prizes for a giveaway (i.e. 10 gift boxes from XYZ Company, 5 amazon gift cards)

  • Coupon

    Probably the easiest to do! (20% training services, 50% off your first order with us)

Have some fun and be creative! Think how your promotional offer ties into your product and use the promotions details box to explain further. You can upload up to five (5) images to support your promotion.

Reminder: Your team is responsible for executing on the giveaway, so be prepared after the conference to select and contact winners and participants. You will be able to export a list of all attendees who claimed your promotion via the mobile app.

4. SKIP Live Demo

We are not using the in-booth Live Demo function for our 2022 event. We have scheduled networking breaks for attendees to interact with you at your booth.

5. Add a Product Video (optional)

Copy and paste the url of any video link you have uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, or other media site. This video will be embedded at your booth, and play automatically when someone stops by! It's a great way to get people to "like" your booth and showcase what your team is all about.

6. Add Brochures or Handouts (optional)

You can upload a maximum of two (2) PDF brochures or marketing materials.

7. Review Your Company Information

Probably the easiest section to complete! Please confirm your details (we gave you a head start and filled in some items for you!):

Company Description
Logo - If you need to upload a new logo, please use 256x256 px size (optimal dimensions for desktop and app).

8. Upload Company & Product Photos (optional)

Upload any photos of your team, business, product, service that support what you do! You get 50 photos ... go to town!

9. Confirm Your Primary Contact

You will see your COMPANY NAME (email@email.com) Attendees will see this email address under the contact information for your booth. If you need to change, email gency@ravingconsulting.com ASAP with the email and full name of your primary contact.

When you are done, check the box to agree to terms and privacy then hit SUBMIT.

Export Lead Generation List – During and After Conference

Below are instructions on how to view who is interacting with your booth, claiming your offer and contacted your booth.

PROMOTIONAL OFFER - You can see who claimed your offer instantly in the app. Sign-in to the app, under Exhibitor Hub click on "Promotional Offers" and click the top arrow '# Claimed this Offer' to see who claimed it. The main booth contact will also get email notifications when someone claims your promo.
WHO LIKED YOUR BOOTH - go to the app, click on Exhibiting Booth Profile under Exhibitor Hub, then scroll down to likes, click likes to see who liked your booth. This is instant, just go back to main menu to refresh the list.
WHO LOOKED AT YOUR BOOTH - you will only see a total number of views of your booth, but not who looked.
WHO CLICKED THE CONTACT BUTTON ON YOUR BOOTH - On the app, click Collect Leads/Contacts under Exhibitor Hub. You will see a list of who clicked the contact button. You can export this list from this screen as well. ONLY main contact can see this and export this list.

Watch the below video to show you each of the features above!

Contact Information

Got questions? We're here for you!

Gency Warren


775-527-2049 M   775-329-7864 O

Virtual booth setup, Whova platform

Michael White


775-329-7864 O

Virtual booth support, registration instructions, company logo and online listing

Christine Faria


775-741-1090 M    775-329-7864 O

Your on-site contact, logistics and marketing pre-show