Team Challenge: Build a Branding and Marketing Campaign to Launch a New (real) Tribal Product


Need expert marketing strategy for your new Tribal business?

Are you diversifying your Tribally or Native-owned organization with new business outside of gaming (i.e., dispensary, wine/brewery, solar power, etc.)? Not sure where to start from a marketing perspective? Have you recently opened up a small gaming property (under 300 slots) and it is doing poorly?

Be our case study!

We are looking for one company to be our case study at Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Analytics and Marketing Conference, February 7-10, 2022. Our 125+ conference attendees – which include senior executives and marketing expert teams from Tribal organizations across the country and First Nations – will be challenged to come up with a marketing strategy based on your product pitch that you'll deliver in person. Applications Open November 15, 2021. Email if you have questions.

The organization chosen will receive a report with marketing recommendations and action items based on the work done by the attendees.

Use the form below to submit your application. Applications are due December 15, 2021.