data analytics casinos Raving NEXTData is at the core of everything you do. As little as 10 years ago, the demand at our conferences was for more sessions around promotions, social media and digital advertising.

Today, operators realize that to effectively drive more visits using these new mediums, they need to base those decision on data.

Nearly every casino struggles with aggregating data and understanding the story it is telling us. At Raving NEXT, we have built a program that gives you the tools, understanding and principles to harness that data so you can make more effective business and strategic marketing decisions.

We’ll help you understand the story your data is telling you this January at Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Analytics and Marketing Conference.

Here are some sessions, workshops and roundtables where we help you analyze data that is most impactful to your casinos:

  • Data Analytics Three Session Series: Are We Leaving Money on the Table? Player Development, Loyalty Club and Slots
  • Is This Promotion Really Moving the Bar? Key analytics that will give you the answer every time
  • What Should Player Reinvestment Be in Today’s Highly Competitive and Entitled Market?
  • Top Five Things We’re Getting Wrong Financially and How to Fix Them
  • How to Factor in Free Play to Your Overall Player Reinvestment
  • Using Research to Develop Casino Promotions: A Gold Mine to Drive Engaged Guests and Incremental Revenue
  • Free Play: What Is It Really Costing You?

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