Changes, changes, and more changes.

COVID-19 altered marketing operating methods for casinos and resorts forever.

Every operating department was affected. It continues to present day.

And everyone knows it’s not over. COVID-19 effects on strategies and tactics are omnipresent as casinos struggle to deliver the promise.

We could all use innovative ideas and concepts to help persist.

Sharing is Caring

Raving NEXT is hosting a Marketing Expert Roundtable at Raving Next 2022 titled “Strategies from Around the Country that Work.” Our panel of Tribal Leaders will share their experiences and knowledge on how they developed best COVID-19 operating practices. Raving Partner, Advanced Operations and Marketing, Tom Osiecki (photographed) will be leading us in this discussion.

Raving is reaching out to Raving Nation to send the best strategies you developed to drive business and ROI throughout COVID-19.

Please share analytics, guest service strategies, research, promotions, digital, and other best practices that have kept your organizations competitive, even during the most challenging times.

A Little Help From Our Friends

Most of what we learned since 2020 was carved from trial and error. New ways of marketing and operating were crafted like fine art through sweat equity and occasional flashes of brilliance.

Now, we are asking Raving Nation to send us the best of the best of your experiences so we can share them at Raving Next’s Roundtable “Strategies from Around the Country That Work.”

Keep it Simple

This is not a survey, not a contest and not a long exercise.

Just send you best COVID-19 operating and marketing practices and concepts to, by the January 14, 2022 deadline with subject line “Covid Marketing Strategies – Raving NEXT 2022

We will curate the concepts and show the best during the Round Table. If we get enough concepts, we will share in a future article

Simple Steps

  1. Send your concepts, ideas, experiences, or strategies in a few short paragraphs. If there were points, you would get points for brevity.
  2. Artwork, photos, illustrations are sure to aid selection. Keep is small, brief, and simple.
  3. A head shot of the author or the team responsible.
  4. If you do not want to be identified, please indicate your location as West, East, Central or South.

Once we receive the concepts that helped drive your property through the COVID-19 traffic jams, we will review and pick the most helpful.

Hopefully, we can all share the best ideas through the roundtable and future Tribal Gaming and Hospitality articles.